The operations of the agencies and institutions are guided by committees.

The town council sets up committees which work under the authority of the town government and decides on the number of members in each committee, as well as their authority and decision-making powers. The lifetime of the committees is the same four years as the town council’s term of office.

The Electoral Commission’s job is to take care of the organisation of both local and national elections in the municipality.

The Board of Auditors’ job is to evaluate the fulfilment of the operational and financial goals that have been set by the city council.

The Social and Health Committee decides on the statutory duties which relate to social services, basic health care, and specialised health care.

The Culture Committee guides the organisation of the city’s teaching and day care services, library and cultural services, youth and exercise services, and free cultural work.

The Vitality Committee covers zoning, residential matters, geography and surveying services, the general development of the municipal water supply, facility services, civil engineering, the planning and realisation of wastewater systems, local rescue operations, and waste management.

The Official Committee handles construction surveillance, parking surveillance, and environmental protection. The Road Division of the Official Committee is responsible for matters related to private roads.