Kangasala Public library

Owned by the Town of Kangasala
Consists of a main library, 3 branch libraries, and a mobile library (library bus)
Is free – you do not need money or any library card when you enter the library buildings
Libraries are open to everyone
Library services are free of charge – only printing and copying are chargeable


In library you can

Spend time and meet your friends
Use computers and the Internet
Read books, newspapers and magazines
Listen to music
Visit our public events
Borrow books, magazines, talking books, music and films


Internet connection

You can use some of our public computers without any library card
Using of the computers is free of charge
You can connect to the library’s free WiFi inside the library building
Ask staff for user id and password for the WiFi


Library services in several languages

You can read magazines and newspapers in several languages in
You can ask if there are books or other material in your own language
Ask staff for a library guide leaflet in your own language


Library card and borrowing

A library card is needed for borrowing books and other material
You must return the material within the loan period (14 or 28 days)
For getting your own library card you need to show your ID card and give your address
You need the library card number and PIN code when you borrow books at lending machine or use some library computers
The card is personal, don’t let anyone else use your card – you are responsible for the material you borrow
You have to pay late charges if you do not return your loans in time