Land use

City Planning draws up general and city plans, block designs, and landscape designs, all of which are used to help develop the quality and residential opportunities of both the urban and rural environments.

Kangasala is an active participant in the development of land use and traffic connections in the Tampere region. New residential areas, workplaces, and services are located beside public transportation routes in order to help prevent climate change.

In residential environments, diversity and uniqueness is emphasised by mixing different types of houses and increasing production of social accommodation. In Kangasala, we believe in utilising the lakeshores as part of the residential environment. We aim to make the city centre more attractive than ever, including to children and youth.

We aim to develop the quality of the residential environment by promoting high-level architecture, increasing green spaces, and favouring environmental art. Kangasala’s strength is the presence of nature and history in its environment.

Residents can participate in city planning in a variety of interaction procedures.