Early childhood education

Early childhood education

Applying for day care
An application for day care can be submitted at any time during the year. An application should be submitted four (4) months prior to the expected starting date. If the need for day care cannot be anticipated due to employment or studies, the municipality is required to arrange childcare within two (2) weeks of submission of the application.

Every child is entitled to day care until the beginning of compulsory education.


Choices for Day Care

Day care centres The webpages of the public day care centres

Family day care
Family day care providers take care of children in their own homes. The maximum size of a family day care group is four, including the provider’s own children.

Looking after your child at home
If you look after your child at home, you may be eligible for financial support. Children may also participate in part-time club activities alone or together with their parents.

Client fee
A monthly child care fee is based on the family’s gross income and the number of family members.