Facts and statistical information

Town of Kangasala

Founded in 1865
Consolidation with the municipality of Sahalahti in 2005
Consolidation with the municipality of Kuhmalahti in 2011


Situated in the region of Pirkanmaa.
Neighbouring towns and municipalities: Tampere, Orivesi, Kuhmoinen, Padasjoki, Pälkäne, Valkeakoski and Lempäälä.


City Council: 51 members
City Board: 9 members

Number of inhabitants

31,868  (31.12.2019)

Total area

870.85 km2, of which 212.83 km2 is covered by water (24 %)
Lakes 411 (size over 100 m2)


8,406 jobs and 1,875 enterprises
Unemployment rate: 12.8 %
Under 25-year-olds percentage of all unemployed, 2016: 14.3 %
Biggest employers : Saarioinen Oy, Pirkanmaan Osuuskauppa, Artekno-Yhtiöt, Linkosuo Oy, Esperi Care Oy, Parma Oy


18 publicly owned day care centers
16 comprehensive schools
1 upper secondary school (Kangasalan lukio)
1 vocational school (Tredu)

Other information

Income tax rate 21.00 %
Holiday homes: approx. 4,600
Five ridges: The Keisarinharju ridge, the Vehoniemi ridge, the Kirkkoharju ridge, the Kuohunharju ridge and the Haralanharju ridge
Three large lakes: the Roine, the Längelmävesi and the Vesijärvi