City lots

The City of Kangasala provides lots for the construction of both dwellings and business premises. The lots are either sold or rented.

Lots for detached houses may be applied for during the annual application period, but they can also be applied for outside of the application period, all year round. The lot application period is announced on the city website as well as in newspapers.

Construction-ready lots for detached houses are currently available around the city. If you’re looking for a slightly larger detached house lot and you enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside, you can find suitable lots in Sahalahti and Kuhmalahti.

Residential Matters

Residential Matters provides information about residences funded by government loans and situated within the city area, provides serial numbers for applications to right-of-occupancy dwellings (this requires a serial number application: electronic application at www.yhkodit.fi, in the section for people who are searching for a home; you can also use the same number to apply for right-of-occupancy dwellings with other companies), and processes company approval requests for the holders of occupancy rights. A total of 440 right-of-occupancy homes have been completed.

Residential Matters also deals with advice relating to the preparation of municipal statements on dwelling-specific projects funded by state loans, as well as to applications for assistance in carrying out renovation work.

Residential Matters oversees the resident selection for rental apartments whose construction was funded by state loans. There are a total of 1,155 of these apartments across the city, and an additional 514 rental apartments without state loan limitations, making a total of 1,669 rental apartments.