Preschool education
All children are entitled to preschool education the year before they start  comprehensive education. Preschool lasts for one year and is free of charge. In Kangasala, preschool education is organised in lower comprehensive schools and in day care centres. Enrolment in preschool happens in January of the same year the child starts preschool.

Comprehensive education
Comprehensive education starts the year a child turns seven and it is compulsory.

Enrolment in comprehensive school happens online in the January of the same year the child starts comprehensive school.
The guardians of children living in Kangasala will be sent a username and instructions by e-mail. If you do not have internet access, you can also collect the enrolment form from a school near you or print it from the Kangasala website.

New students moving to Kangasala should contact the school or the educational administration.

Webpages of the schools


Upper secondary education
Upper secondary education in Kangasala is organized in Kangasalan lukio (Kangasala upper secondary school).

Vocational education
Vocational education in Kangasala is organized by Tredu.