Suorama School – secure community, creatively in a partnership

Suorama village, as well as the school is located in Kangasala about 14 km East of Tampere.  The distance to the centre of Kangasala is about 4 km.  There are about 50 staff members, including 33 teachers, a number of teaching assistants and other staff working together in the school.

The school provides basic education for students aged 7-13 (grades 1-6), altogether about 530 students.  There is also a pre-school group for 6-year-olds.   The Suorama school is the biggest primary school in Kangasala. The extensive renovation and expansion work of the school was completed in the summer of 2014.

Our mission is to grow citizens for the future with healthy self-esteem and responsibility to others.  The learning environment provides a wide range of opportunities and the new educational technology is utilized extensively in our school.

The school implements a wide range of flexible teaching arrangements in which the basic education and special education combine in a strong common culture.

Community, open spirit, cooperation and unhurried, relaxed atmosphere are important values in our school.   Our aim is that the school is a good place for every child and adult to come to work.  We also have a students´ board and a parents´ association supporting the school community.

The parents’ association arranges after school care for the first and second graders.

Themes and topics

-KIVA-school – participation in the national anti-bullying program

-Yhteispeli-project (Together at school -project)

-school counselor (koulusosionomi)


After school-clubs, eg

-drama, sports, crafts, science, literature, choirs, band